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Absolutely loved this game. All the characters were quirky, and there were a lot of hilarious parts. Oh, and second-hand embarrassment from Ginger's attempts at flirting. Hilarious, but made me cringe at times, and I guess that's exactly the point, haha.

That said, I think my favorite guy might be Radley, since I love the childhood friend trope, and it's sooo obvious that he loves Ginger since Pastry God knows when. Although that doesn't make playing the other guy's route any easier, because it physically hurts me to see Radley heartbroken, especially during Benjamin's 10th day QAQ

It was also hard to watch Ginger being mean to Benjamin, especially after playing his route and understanding him better. And then watching him leaving her store all dejected made me want to cry.

And then Carver. Dear Lord it was difficult to watch Ginger and Carver spout hateful words to each other when Ginger blurted out something mean to him, and he said something meaner back.

Despite being short, it can be funny, sweet, and heartbreaking all in one playthrough, and I think that's a good job.

There was this tiny little scene that I particularly like, and that is during Radley's route, when Ginger is on the stage and Radley cheers her on; depending on the choices, Ginger would yell at Radley "how dare he confess his love for her to everyone when he hasn't told her privately yet", and then someone from the crowd yells "but we already know that!" XDDD And then Radley tries to persuade Ginger to finish her speech first, but another elf tells them to continue their lover's spat, ahh, it was gold XDDD

One thing I do have to mention, I cannot for the life of me get Ending #4 in Radley's route. I even followed the guide, but every time I pick the "help him" option it always continues on, unlike the other bad endings, and I would always end up with Ending #5 instead.

Other than that, this was a great game, and I would definitely love to see more from Gourmet Visual :D


I forgot to save my progress and I think the game was a little bit buggy because it wouldn't let me go back to my diary and try again. However I love the character I play as (Cinnamon, aka Cinnabun lmao). Super sassy gal.

I would love to see some more player decisions in this game though. I'm going to play again and maybe make a funny little play through for my youtube channel! Awesome work, super super cute!!!



There is a guide available for download, but if you're having this much of a problem it's also possible that there's a bug in the game! Feel free to e-mail us at with what you're doing, and we will try to fix it!

Hello can i upload my gameplay of this game on youtube,im starting my chanel and i saw a lot of people playing this game,ill put ur credits in the desriprtion?

Yes of course! I'd love to watch it! :)

This game was soooo much fun!! I loved it. I loved all of the endings. I hope you make it in this industry!

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I can't even wait till I finish the whole game to write a comment because this game is sO GOOD GOD BLESS
I've only gotten one ending from Radley and dang son he is CUTE
Even though the gameplay wasn't too long, the story itself and the sassy comments made up for it
I played the game at like 3am so it was really hard to not burst out laughing
The characters are all very interesting and this is that kind of game that you don't wanna stop halfway through. I stayed up until 5am cuz I couldn't stop
Everyone should give this cute lil game a try because it's AMAZING not even exaggerating. The whole game is beautiful, each and every aspect of it. It's g8 m8 I r8 8/8

spoiler: radley's unrequited love really bums me out :-((((


There was a weird glitch in the game where the protagonist's name go back to the automatic name, Ginger, even though I put in a different name.

- Did you enjoy it overall?
Yes, I absolutely did!

- What was your favorite part?
I actually first started with Ben but I never continued and then only did Carver's, because I liked him the most lol. And my favourite part was when Ginger (Starlette's the name I gave her) was trying so hard to flirt with him, he was just like "this ginger has finally gone nuts" and ran away. My favourite part with Ben though was the part when he literally cried. XD I was so confused that it was hilarious lol

- What parts could be improved upon?
People have commented about the name change during the game. I think I had it too? She kept calling herself Ginger or Ging, but I wasn't sure if that was just like her surname or something she goes by. That's probably one thing. There could be more expressions. :) Or maybe more characters. Tbh idrk lol sorry

- Who was your favorite character?
I think I've already said it heh

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?
Yes, please! For the love of cookies and cream, please make more~ I'm kind of imagining them being dubbed, but then I don't want you guys to go through that much work lol

- Any other random comments!
This game is 100/10 amazing! I especially love all the humour and I also love how it isn't as cheesy as some games like this. Lol the only cheesy parts of the game were the pick up lines, though those are what made the game 10x better along with the sarcasm & etc.

Anyways, I can totally imagine this being an anime, but it'll have more episodes and more comedy, drama & of course don't forget the romance + cheesy pick up lines. Ugh if you guys ever get to that point in life, I hope you guys turn this into an anime, haha! It'd be fantasic! Just let her end up with Carver lol

I would love to donate to you guys if I had the money to :( Hopefully next time, I'll be able to do that since you guys deserve it. Keep up the good work!

Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes. Very much! It was so sweet and really enjoyable to play! I love playing fluff otome games!

What was your favorite part?

I have so many favourite parts in this game.

  • Ginger's awkward attempts to flirt and failing miserably (lol)
  • Carver's blushing face
  • Always barely seeing carver's sprite XD
  • Benjamin's crying face (I'm sorry but his face is too adorable even though he is crying)
  • Benjamin calling Ginger as Ginger-ewe ( so cute)
  • Radley. Just always being there for Ginger.
  • Ginger apologizing and acknowledging for her mistake. Carver also apologizing for his mistakes. Benjamin not dwelling on past mistakes but focuses on the present and future instead. Radley being Radley. He's so nice and full of love for Ginger. Ugh my heart.

What parts could be improved upon?

  • Nothing. The game was perfect for me. Good pacing of the story and very likable characters.

Who was your favorite character?

Can I say all? Because I love all these characters.

Carver's route is hilarious. I love the dynamic between him and ginger and it was so cute seeing his blushing face. Radley, omg..I feel so bad for him when I was playing the other routes. You could see that Ginger is really precious to him and would do anything to make her happy. Benjamin, this guy is too precious.My heart melted when he cried.Ginger, I love her! She's goal-oriented, awkward in flirting, confident in her skills, and even though she can sometimes be mean…I love that she acknowledges her mistakes and apologizes right away.

Still if I have really have to choose…Benjamin. He's leading a tiny bit. The quiet ones, are my types XD. I love his personality and randomness. He can be quiet but when he speaks, he can be blunt and won't sugar-coat his words. Also I love the interaction between him and Radley at the end. Poor Radley though..

Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

YES! More games from you guys…PLEASE!

Any other random comments!

Beautiful art! Not just the character designs but for the overall game. So pretty! Also let me just say I love all the music in your game! Especially the character theme of Carver and Benjamin, it perfectly suits them. Thank you for putting Music box in the game! Also thank you for making this game. It's so fun to play, I'm really looking forward for more of your games!

Is this finished? The page is marked "In Development," but from the description it sounds like it's complete.

Yes! It's completed, thank you so much for letting us know. Guess we missed that haha

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i dont know what to say.. ia am astonished by this game!! wish it was longer, but i enjoyed a pretty, adorable sweet melting story. I ended up sweeter than a cheescake! wow i just love everything... the art music and the characters are so lovable! the main girl is funny as hell with her pickup lines! the boys the 3 of them have their unique charm! o but carver i just love him a dozen! he is so cute!! omg!! he was my last route and i replay it like 10 times!! keep this up!! i would support an expansion of this game alllll the waaaay!! xcongrats!! i love all the persons who made this possible!! God Bless ya and continue doing thsi!! you are awsome!! love yaaa!!!

I'm barely five minutes in(exaggeration I'm a little further but not much), but I go to 'this point' and my mind is just like "donut underestimate--" and I'm just.. Brain. Plz. :'| //weeps but goes back to this colourfoul gorgoues game with adoreable spriting.

Gosh, this game is just soooo adorablee <3

I love all of it! The characters, the music, the story! Aw, if only you make them longer :'3 but then again it's amazing how you managed to make this for NanoReno!

I really like how catchy the phrases are; like Oh pastries -or for breadstick's sake! hahahah, it's really interesting and fun to read ^.^
I think the first time I laughed hard was when I looked at how short Carver is lol. I wish you have a button to toggle the textbox so I can look at him appropriately x'D his arrogant attitude is also charming in a weird way (in a I-hate-you-but-I-can't-stop-talking-with-you way, if you know what I mean?) and his ending is probably the most passionate one overall. I thought all the cakes at the festival will go 'poof' blushing and became Heartbaked lol :))

-and I kinda lost it when Ginger tried so hard to woo Beeeeenjamin; as I quote "OI. ANSWER MY MATING CALL" lmao x'DD but his story hits me quite smooth and deep that I almost cried when he cried :'(

Radley was so adorableee and sweet that I kinda feel bad choosing the other routes first >.< and the cleaning-fetish was amusing tho time-wasting (A quick shower is from morning until noon? seriously?)

Lol, I think I'm gonna stop rambling and gushing here :') overall I love your story and hopes you make more <3 your VN inspires me especially how you make the characters so unique. I think I'll make some phrases as humor references if you don't mind? Ginger is very creative with her words -Tell the writer I love her sense of humor please! xD



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This was just sooo Amazing! I loved the art, music, background, everything! I really loved how Ginger acts with every route. Especially in Carver's route! LOL! I literally couldn't stop laughing at her pick up lines! They were so.... Original! XD Their argument was also refreshing, and actually, everything was really awesome!


My goodness! Radley is too cute! He's too cute! <3 I can definitely see a child given candies everytime Ginger 'flirts' with him! And he's so diligent at work which is a big plus for me! XD I'd definitely want a guy like this, even if he has a phobia ...Well, as long as he won't drag me with his pranks, all's fine with me. :P

As for Benjamin, I knew from Day 1 that he was always level-headed and kind. Cause when speaking with a Rude Ginger, he still didn't lit up his fuse and stormed away. I see him as someone I can rely upon.... Only if he was more conscious of his surroundings... Xd

I'll keep on supporting you guys, and I'll look forward to your next projects! ^_^

Yes, the pick up lines were so fun xD We love hearing we brought laughter ;u;

So happy you liked it, and I hope you enjoy our future projects just as much!

Oh my sweet goodness! This game was just too adorable for words, I stayed up all night refusing to go to sleep simply because I couldn't get enough of it! <3 I honestly love how MC goes through so many different kinds of motions when falling in love with the unique and hilariously sweet elf boys - I also really enjoyed the unique sayings and surroundings, that was pure ingenious. Seeing as how I adored all the routes its hard to decided who my favorite character was but I have to say I think I enjoyed Carver the most (That was a shocker for me lol >.<!)

Speaking of Carver, for his route I changed The MC's named and it switched back to Ginger during one of the chapters but other than that this game was a solid example of what a GREAT Otome game looks and feels like. I would love to see more games from you and If it means anything you've gotten yourself a fan and a MAJOR seal of approval!!

We're so happy you liked it!

I hope you managed to get some sleep eventually! Ginger and the guys were so much fun to write, and I'm going to be saying "Oh Pastries" for weeks to come.

Sorry about the name changing! We must have missed it in the editing, thank you for letting us know.

Hopefully you'll play and enjoy our future games just as much! Thank you for the comment, we appreciate the feedback so much and it really helped make my day.

- Averxy

Haha! No problem, this game was such a pleasure I just had to give you some feedback to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Glad I was able to make your day! :)

This game was just absolutely cute, and I couldn't get over the idea of a pastry god! Totally loved the story, and if you'd like, feel free to watch the ongoing let's play.

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Oh wow! Thank you so much! We are super excited for this, I was laughing throughout the entire video. I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far!


It was totally fun to play! I'll be uploading a second part soon, and I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

SO FLUFFY!!!! great job with nano :)

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Thank you! It was a lot of hard work, but it really paid off in the end! (:


OMG! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! This looks like a very cute otome. The ploy is so funny. Carver looks like a jerk, I don't want to romance him! I want...... Benjamin! Will give you my thoughts later!♡


Aw poor Carver xD Thank you for downloading!

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