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I don't know how to open the game on my android. ://

Hello, one of the writers here! To get the game on Android you need to go into the app store and download it from there! Sorry for the confusion.

Did you enjoy it overall? 

Yes! This was suuuuch a cute VN!! I really enjoyed it, despite it being so short hehe. ><

- What was your favorite part? I absolutely adored the sprite artwork and the storyline for Carver! ^^ <3
- What parts could be improved upon? In all honesty, i was really looking forward to CG artwork but I was a tad bit disappointed, I assume I was already so used to the artwork done for the sprites that I was hoping for something similar? But it's minor and doesn't exactly affect my gameplay so you shouldn't take it to heart to much.. hehe 
- Who was your favorite character? Carver was my favorite! Though on terms of character design, I'd have to go with Ginger! She was absolutely adorable, though her character could be a bit... much at times.
- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual? I would love to see more games from you all! I had a wonderful time playing, and look forward to trying out the rest and any other future games! <3

I would love to give this a shot  but I have no idea  how to open the game on my android. Some help would be much appreciated. 😓

Hello, one of the writers here! To get the game on Android you need to go into the app store and download it from there! Sorry for the confusion.

ok thank you

super cute! 

I expected this game to be a total joke-- which isn't really a bad thing-- and to be fair it had its share of ridiculous antics and stupid humor, but... I was surprised by the amount of emotional depth and realism present in a game set in the land of Pastry and Pottery Gods. This is probably the first dating sim I've played with interactions between characters that really felt alive. It's probably greatly helped by what others have already pointed out: Ginger is a fully fleshed out, unique person. The rest of this review contains SPOILERS so anyone stumbling through the comments before playing should really just stop now and enjoy being caught off guard by what this game has to offer!

- Did you enjoy it overall?

Absolutely! This game had me tearing up at some points/really thinking about my actions, and laughing like an idiot at others. It's so strange to think that a game can have Benjamin crying over old pages of your diary, telling you he never wants to see you again, since it's clear you've only been using him since the start... and also have Carver dressing up as an old woman and stealing your shoes. I knew it was him! Wait why did he do that though? Like sure, yeah, crossdress for discounts... but why did he steal Ginger's shoes!? The mysteries of Carver are unrivaled. 

The complexity Ginger shows in each route is incredible. Coming to terms with her jealousy and feelings of inadequacy in Carver's, realizing that she wouldn't have helped Benjamin if he had come to her two months earlier and feeling that shame that only a previously ignorant and self-absorbed person can feel, knowing inside that using Radley was wrong even when he tells her he knows and he's alright with it, and trying to cope with the guilt of it however she can. I also love how she literally forgets the festival in every freaking route.

And the boys are just as human-- er, elven... and charming to boot! Benjamin's trust issues, his attempts to cut himself off from his emotions, and his ability to decide someone's character and tell them off or thank them accordingly, paired with his strange interests and his lack of understanding of basic social customs as he interacts with an unfamiliar culture, makes for a very endearing character. I love how his sheep went from a funny joke to something serious, too. His only friends from back home, and an incredible comfort to both Ginger and Carver in the pink midget's route. Releasing them in Radley's route was genuinely painful. Benjamin is also just... really sincere. To quote (or rather paraphrase) him, "I'd rather say what I think then not and regret it later."

Likewise, Radley's quirks and traits won me over quite thoroughly. I usually love best friend types, but Radley's first prank annoyed the heck out of me right off the bat. His pranks aren't funny. Like, at all. But he makes up for that somehow, and that just makes me like the good in him even more. His feelings for Ginger (and how he deals with them) provide a good insight into who he is as a person.  He likes Ginger because she's bold and takes things into her own hands, unlike him with his indirect approach to life, and wants her to make a move. His jealousy in other routes is both very interesting and heartbreaking. He supports her, but feels incredibly dissatisfied-- and everyone in town can sense it but Ginger herself, the fool. Ginger's line, "What would Radley know about the pain of unrequited love?" really hit hard. What would you know about it, Ginger? Man, when he said, "No one could hate you, Ginger," something in my heart died a little. I love that he sings. It's such a small detail, but really brings him to life. I think my favorite thing about Radley is that he's the first "best friend" I've seen in a dating sim that, you know, is actually present in the protagonist's life in the way best friends are. I saved his route for last, but got plenty of Radley content in the other two routes and had already grown fond of him by the time I got to actually dating him. Him being a germaphobe is also very unique and distinct to Radley. Makes him memorable.

And Carver... oh Carver, I will speak about later. Just you wait.

- What was your favorite part?

God, it's really hard to say. 

Maybe when you choose to tell Radley you really like Carver, and he smiles at you to hide his pain and says, "Oh. I'm not sure I can help you with that." 

Perhaps when Carver's jealousy has him putting up his walls again, and you get so ticked off at what seems like a regression in your progress that you start that huge argument in which you both use each other's insecurities against each other until it ends in a flaming declaration of, "Everyone hates you! I hate you!" and a subdued, "I was stupid to think this could ever work."

Or could it be when Benjamin tells you that your lack of sympathy to his refusal to date you only proves that agreeing would be a bad move on his part?

Nah, it's definitely when you try to flaunt your legs and fall in a puddle of mud and Benjamin's like, "Dude, you gotta leave." Or when you practice pickup lines with Radley to prepare to woo Carver. 

- What parts could be improved upon?

I changed Ginger's name, admittedly, to Saffron. Saffy for short. At some points she would still be referred to as Ginger or Ging or even Ginger-ewe. I also found that when you rush to help Radley when he slips in the mud, the bad ending doesn't happen. It mistakenly redirects you into asking him to shower at your place. I also thought the point system for getting a good ending was a little unclear. Other than these technicalities, I was very happy with everything.

- Who was your favorite character?

Oh, Carver, my dear sweet Carver. I can't tell you how much I adore him. I immediately knew that I would. When Ginger stood before her town and said that he's lovely and not annoying and she would cook anyone who said otherwise (who wasn't her) into her next baked good... yeah that's about how I feel about Carver. Lowkey when the grandma and the mayor gave him busywork to get rid of him in Radley's route I was filled with some genuine rage and sadness. Courting Carver was a real journey of an experience. He was the first I went for, and I don't regret it. Everything about that route was so good!! His definite flight reaction to Ginger's "weird behavior" was adorable omg. The food fight was my jam. When he came over early after Ginger had been dying waiting all day, it was so akin to the feeling of real life relief when someone's been missing you too.  The argument, as I've mentioned, really made me take the game seriously. His haunted expression will stick with me for life. It was like everything just stopped in place as Ginger dropped her bowl. I loved his relationship with Benjamin. I loved how when it comes to telling him about Heartbaked, there was no avoiding it, was no better choice than the truth. How he took it, man. I felt so terrible. Oh my god-- him confessing to pinning a crime on Radley was beautiful,, I love how each route makes a case for the other boys. I wanted to pursue all of them by the end of Carver's route, which is a great feat. Carver's ending. "You have a long time to make me love you." Ugh. I love this boy. 

- Any other comments?

This has definitely gotten me into a creative mood, and I'll be drawing up fan art and writing stories with these characters for sure. I really want to explore the relationships between all the boys and maybe go for a big messy poly relationship in a fanfic lol. I just hate when I can't make everyone happy together, especially when I feel like it could work! Thank you for this piece of art. I'll be checking out your other games.


Hey! One of the writers here! Thank you so much for this fantastic review of our first ever game! I'm so happy you loved all of the characters as much as you did, and honestly I would SO love to see any fan art or read any fan fiction you write because that would honestly just make my life. If you're willing to share you can reach us at

Gourmet Visual is no longer together, but if you'd like to see more games from myself and one of the other writers/the artist, you can find us here at Fablesoft Studios! Again, thank you so much.

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The game had such pretty, soothing music (new study music, wooh!) and adorable graphics/illustrations. I supremely loved Radley, he's such a cinnamaroll! I took his route,  but sadly got ending 5~ so there wasn't any cute, happy ending. Not sure how to be with Radley, definitely wish there was more development to that (at least seeing the results of the competition/festival and finding out what happens to Radley in ending 5, since it seems like he's waiting still outside the door; - ;). It would be really nice if there were more options for the player to make (though I understand that would make the game much more complex). Overall a cute game.

Bugs: At the beginning of getting into Radley's route, he called the player/me "Ging" twice rather than "Jinni" (what I inputed for preferred nickname). Not a huge deal, just a note:)

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So far I've been really enjoying the game, however I may be experiencing difficulties. The game could be having issues because for Carver I keep ending up with ending # 9 for all the choices. I will try to re-download the game and maybe that will help. Just maybe. 

Still, thank you for this amazing game!

Edit: It works now, hooray!


A fun little game with a cute story-line and even cuter characters, which had me laughing through most of it. xD





It's not opening on my Mac, and its not the "security and privacy" thing either.

I had the same experience.

I've tried moving .app to Application folder and back and it started working.
Maybe also "Show package content" on .app and running the executive file can help.

I often encounter issues running games for Mac. So I usually end up playing the PC version with Terminal.


This game was sooooooo adorable. The characters design is really pretty and its very well written. Thank you for this game. Radley route is the best and it made laugh and smile so much !

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Hi, this is the only way I found to communicate with you. I have a Spanish translation blog for Renpy games. I would like to know if I can translate to Spanish Heartbaked, I have the game and everything, so I can do a patch to Spanish with the translation of the game.
So I want to ask you permission to start my translation project, I do not want to hurt your income, it's just a patch or I do not know what you think of it.

My blog is:

Hi sorry! Gourmet Visual isn't really a thing anymore, so the e-mail's gone down. I don't think anyone will mind if you make a translation though! Feel free.


Is there no contact? If so, I hope not to bother

Do you have any problems or policies regarding Let's Plays? This one in particular would be part of a series, only feature the first 2-3 hours of one route, and link back here. 

Go ahead! A few lets plays of this have already been made, so I'm sure no one will mind.

Loved this game soo much, laughed till I lost my voice. Probably one of the funniest otomes i've ever played. All the guys are soooo likable, especially Radley he's a special germaphobic cinnamon roll. Made me laugh so hard ,i've finally found someone who bathes longer then me. Ginger was also hilarious , her commentary was epic.

This game was sooooooo adorable. The characters design is really pretty and its very well written. Thank you for this game. Radley route is the best and it made laugh and smile so much !

This game was sooooooo adorable. The characters design is really pretty and its very well written. Thank you for this game. Radley route is the best and it made laugh and smile so much !

This was one of the very first games I played on this platform.. I think it's freaking adorable, in terms of story, art and characters. Aand.. of course I had to fall for the jerk. I have absolutely no regrets. I'm definitely gonna play this again some time.

Ok, so I finished all the good endings for each character. I normally try to get all the endings, but...ugh, I've gotten attached to them and don't want to see them suffer. Anyways, I guess that's a success for you guys, since it's difficult to make people feel a connection with fictional characters. Kudos to you!

(Slight) spoilers under the cut


My heart broke a bit when Carver and Ben found out about the Heartbaked cake. I just...urgh...somehow, I grew to love them all. ...HELP ME.

The order I played it in was Radley, Carver, then Benjamin. So, when I got to Ben's ending, I felt really bad for Radley.

I thought that my favorite character would be Carver, since I usually go for the tsundere types, but it ended up being Ben. I guess it's because I could relate to his situation. He's sincere, no matter what, and I see him as someone who is emotionally strong. I really like the part in chapter 10 when he and Ginger were being "lovey-dovey." The part where he and Radley argued a bit after that was cute.

Overall, this game was really good. The flow was really nice. Usually, characters from these type of games just suddenly feel attraction, which doesn't normally happen in real life. I guess that's how I grew attached to these guys? ^^; I liked the concept of "accidentally falling in love," because, let's be honest, that's a tough scenario to actually write a full story about.

As for what you could improve on... Maybe elaborate more on how Radley fell in love with Ginger in the first place? Since it's implied that he's liked her for quite a while...

RATING: 10/10 1000% JUST LOVED IT <3

Priceless writing and oh all the puns! Seriously, this was amazing, much better than I even hoped. Thank you! I'll be looking forward to your future creations

I'm not sure what the problem is but I can't get the zip file to extract :< It keeps saying invalid and archive not found :<

This was such a cute game! I've only played Carver's path so far, but I really enjoyed it. Also, the pastry-related puns? So funny & added a nice personal touch to game, ahaha.

Hey there! awesome game I played it on my channel was really fun <3

i cant seem to play the game! HELP!

I am absolutely in love with this game! I've only been on Radley's route so far, and he is so cute! I have one problem which definitely isn't the developers fault, but I want to get a happy ending for him but I can't seem to! I keep ending on the eighth day and it's killing me because I have no idea why ;-; pleasee help! <3

I keep getting ending #5, "not such best friends" it's killing me T-T


This game is listed as an android game, but how exactly do you get it to work? I bought this specifically to play on my phone, and as far as I can see, I can't.

Can`t open or extract the zip file. It`s "invalid". I want to play it so badly!

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- Did you enjoy it overall?

Yeah. Very much

- What was your favorite part?

Carver end <3

- What parts could be improved upon?

Text more fast

- Who was your favorite character?


- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Of course

- Any other random comments!

Thank foy you game

i could not open the zip file... it's asking for a password? :(

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I'm still playing it. In fact I oly discovered it now. But I came to say that I LOVE Carver best, I kew I would, i picked himoff te bat expecting good things and I wasn;t dissapointed! the banter s very good :) and i just love how authentic it feels, the writing captures an authentic development of feelings between them whilst keeps the banter- I love that! Carver's a character but he has uderlying genuiness from the strt and I love hw your writing captures that, between the lines! And I love Ginger ad Carver together? :D I like the writing, it has lightness to it but feelings are genuine and believeable. Very entertaiing. And i swear i love Carver. Made me feel all tingly. They are phenomenal together! Awesome!

Did you enjoy it overall? Absolutely! I just finished my first play thru and intend to play the other boys' routes now. :)
- What was your favorite part? Radley's ending was absolutely adorable <3
- What parts could be improved upon? There were a few spelling/grammar errors, but nothing major.
- Who was your favorite character? I've only finished Radley's route, so Radley so far. Might change after I play the other routes.
- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual? YES!
- Any other random comments! I love the world you guys created, I'd love to see more stories taking place in this sweet based world. I also love the art style.

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Okay so I legit just made an account here just so I could review Heartbaked. I've played a lot of sims and VN's but it's my first time actually reviewing so let's go!

- Did you enjoy it overall?

Oh, gosh definitely! I couldn't stop playing it, and Heartbaked is definitely on my list of favourite visual novels. I have to say I really enjoyed Ginger as a main character, although she did have moments where she went a bit...overboard, so to say xD And the whole concept of the Pastry and the elves is just really adorable.

- What was your favorite part?

Carver's entire route whoops i love my grumpy lil elf.

Okay, where to start. First off, I loved how Ginger swore with names of different food. It was hilarious, and a really fresh sort of twist. The soundtrack was also really cute, and my favourite track was of course Carver's entrance because it was just too funny and fitting. I also loved how each of the bachelors were so different! And it was amazing how the story somehow manages to convince us that people can actually fall in love in the span of ten days. Also, kudos to you for creating a fantastic game in such a short time.

Anyway, if I'm being more specific, my favourite parts would be:

  1. Everything about Radley. He was such a supportive best friend, and really adorable as a character in general. Love love love!
  2. CARVER'S BLUSHING FACE. Dang that elf is cute.
  3. This is going to sound mean but that moment when Benjamin just burst into tears cracked me up.
  4. Did I mention Carver's route?
  5. Ginger's awkward flirting was the best.
  6. Okay, on a more serious note, I liked how everything just flowed really well. Like I mentioned before, you hardly feel that the game runs through the span of ten days, and the interaction between characters was very natural.
  7. I also love all the detail in the game, like Ginger's diary with her hilarious little scribbles (strudel elf lmao).

- What parts could be improved upon?

  1. If I'm being honest, Benjamin's route as a whole seemed a bit lacking. I wish he was elaborated on a bit more bc I felt so bad about his past.
  2. Ginger was a bit mean and overbearing in Benjamin's route (also the capital letters) and I just feel like she shouldn't have been that harsh?
  3. I would also like to know more about Radley, Carver and Ginger's relationship, especially when they were younger. Also, really curious about why exactly Radley dislikes Carver so much. It just feels a bit unwarranted? Then again, I haven't gotten all the endings yet so I might be wrong.
  4. It would be cool if the extra characters (like that mean lady at the bakery, and pointy elf etc) had sprites as well, although this could be chalked down to the short time the game was made in. Also really want to see Carver in drag oops.
- Who was your favorite character?

It must be pretty obvious right now. I love my small, grumpy elf! Carver was just a really fun character, and I knew when I saw the summary that he would be my favourite. I love how he evolves from the typical rival role, and how we get to see different sides of his personality (him giving Benjamin a job, and recommending Ginger's bakery and especially him listening to her and giving advice during Radley's route despite their rivalry. I feel like his route was the most natural, and I love how he progressed from angry short person to an adorable character, all while being true to his personality.
I just really love Carver.

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

YES! A thousand times yes! I'm excited to see more x

Also that little detail in Radley's route really bummed me out, my poor son :c


Did you enjoy it overall?

I've got plenty of things to say and ask that I'd rather do personally or in a chat with the game creator but oh, well. Guess the comment section will suffice. Yes, I highly enjoyed the game and it's one of the few visual novels where I wished to go through all of the endings, not just the good ones! I'd even go as far as add it to my top 5 completely free PC otome games or at least number 6 or 7.

What was your favorite part?

I can really go on and on about what I loved about Hearbaked but like it says I can only list my favorite parts.

  • What surprised me the most was that despite being made in one month neither the endings nor the game as a whole felt rushed. Just like the characters I also doubted two people can fall in love with each other in just 10 days but damn, Heartbaked made it seem plausible! We had enough time to get to know the characters, get attached to them, get heartbroken [sometimes twice in a route] and later on feel relief. I think the pacing couldn't get any more perfect than it already is!
  • What I'm always extremely strict about is the main character in VNs since they're often eyeless, faceless, their bangs covering everything besides their mouth, never facing the camera or having the most stereotypical haircut ever - medium-length straight dark brown hair while wearing the most plain clothing known to man. Protagonists are even more important than the romancable characters yet they're always treated more like background ones. Ginger on the other hand [I always keep the original name in order to experience a VN like a movie or book. Having my name would just be distracting] has a simple yet unique, most importantly memorable design. The same goes for all the characters with actual designs. The game's theme is pastries so naturally they'd be just as sweet-looking! :)
  • Speaking of the game's theme, besides the one that got an anime adaptation BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie, I haven't seen any other otome game tackle on the pastry topic in such detail. I also found refreshing how you combined it with Hansel and Gretel's house of sweets but instead build an entire town around the idea. I'm desperate for VNs that don't take place in a mundane high school setting... T-T
  • I immensly appreicate the amount of effort that went into details when it comes to backgrounds, menu designs, the diary having notes and scribbles like a real diary and certainly the dialogue. I was prepared to go all Cinema sins on tiny plot holes but there were surprisingly very few of them.
  • One cannot discuss this game without adressing the humor in it which had me giggling and even laughing so much more than a couple of times. Everyone had their own comedic charm which didn't get old even by the end. I've never laughed just by hearing a song before but now I do each time Carver's theme starts. xD
  • Let's get back to the character topic. What would a main character be without a personality? [Unfortunately, we see that frequently, especially in mobile otome games] I honestly did not notice each dialogue/action choice always had a volatile, a gentle and a sassy option since in the end they all seemed like traits of the same person. That just means Ginger is as complex as a real human. Even if I didn't constantly choose the same kind of answers it would seem like something Ginger would do. Usually I find "pick your personality along the way" kind of games very risky to be made because eventually you're forced to stick with one type of behavior otherwise the protagonist's actions would look inconsistent. Here the balance was flawless.
  • The love interests were just as colorful and fun as the protag while still being able to show their life has their fair amount of drama. It's difficult, especially in a short amount of time to make the player seriously care about what a character is going through but here I ended up caring for everyone by the end of a single route. Now that's what I call well-written characters!

What parts could be improved upon?

I don't have many problems with the game so I'll just go all out.

  • The few grammer mistakes don't bother me as much as the overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS in Benjamin's route. Was his route created first and then the writer realised they should cut down on the Caps lock?
  • I find it a tad jarring how people supposedly changed clothes yet they didn't in the sprite. It just heavily breaks the immersion.
  • The lack of special cutscene images is probably due to the deadline so I understand. However, I'd love to see someday an updated version with more CGs but with the same style as the sprites. That's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to the artbook! ;)
  • This is just a nitpick and I fully well know only a handful of VNs actually do it but if there truly is a Heartbaked 3.0 or whatever I would be so happy if even not that important characters like the grandma and child obtain their own sprites! It just ties everything together so much better. Plus, at first I mixed up the kind-hearted grandma and the mean one because both were invisible and had the same nickname. xD
  • Another nitpick is that I never understood if the buildings, trees, fountains etc. were actually edible or they just looked that way. It may seem trivial but to me it's pretty darn important if one is gonna go the "we love sweets so much we live inside them" road. If everything is indeed made out of candy countless problems with realism will arise. Then again, I am playing a dating sim about a cake needing love in order to be completed.
  • Pretty much all side-stories in Heartbaked are explored as much as they need to be but I'd really would have liked to see more of the relantionship between Ginger, Radley and Carver. It was said that they all used to train under the girl's Grandma so that means they most likely all got along at one point yet they ended up as enemies. Was it just because Carver sometimes acts arrogant that the three kids grew apart? I imagine both boys stayed by Ginger's side when her grandma died and put aside their difference for a while. I'm just saying it would have been nice to see such a subplot in order to further shape the characters.

Who was your favorite character?

By far it's Carver because in a genius way he slowly and smoothly yet in a short span of time metamorphosed from a funny scumbag into a lovable goof. One can see his route is about changing for the better but if we look at it reasonably a person cannot change completely in those 10 days. If that were to happen the story would suffer and even more in Carver's case since his main trait is acting snarky. The writer knew that and instead just showed new sides to him which would appear more and more often with time. The only thing that changed was our opinion of the character since we would eventually accept him for who he is.

Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Yes with both hands raised! For sure whatever content comes from GourmetVisual it would be top quality! I'd even love to see a sequel to Heartbaked which can end with the couple finally being able to make that damn love cake!

Any other random comments!

[how do I turn the Bold effect off again...] My dream for a few years was to make otome games like Heartbaked - fun, charming, emotional and unforgetable but I can't draw or program so I gave up on that. Make sure in my place to keep on creating such tiny miracles. T-T *sniff*

Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes, I definitely enjoyed this game, I attempted to get every ending; even the bad ones! lol. Love all these characters, they're all very unique.

- What was your favorite part?

I really enjoyed Ginger's inner thoughts and her attempts at flirting. I also love how dynamic and different each male counterpart was. They're all very good story lines.

- What parts could be improved upon?

I noticed some spelling errors and I couldn't get ending #4 even though I did what the guide said to.

- Who was your favorite character?

I loved Ginger(Great lead!) and my favorite guy was probably Radley, but i'm a sucker for childhood best friends ending up together, lol!

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Yes! I'm about to play C&C right now!

- Any other random comments!

I really like the animation style you went with, dialogue was nice,the overall universe you created was adorable and the way you made it so clear Radley loved Ginger in every story was so perfect yet heartbreaking!

i downloaded the game from the apple store and i enjoyed it a lot!! the routes and characters were really sweet and cute~ my favorite route will be Carver's,, he's such a cute lil sour pumpkin XD i hope to see more of your games!!


I went into this game with low expectations; safe to say, you have definitely surpassed them by a mile.

- Did you enjoy it overall?
Yes, I definitely did. There didn't seem to be very many formidable visual novels floating around Lemmasoft this year, however I'm glad to have found this. This Nanoreno is brilliant with a very well developed story line, I'm extremely impressed at the capability of you guys to develop this in a single month.

- What was your favorite part?
The music and art were adorable, and matched each other perfectly; also, the writing was simple and could get to be very moving at times. My favorite part was how perfectly everything fit together in Carver's path.

- What parts could be improved upon?
The coding methods could be improved. Quite a few times with an original name, the game would revert to calling the MC Ginger rather than the name I provided it with. When I decide to do a day over because of a bad ending, it would bring me back to the beginning of the game, and refuse to allow me to continue past day one. Also, many of the times choices between good endings and bad endings were the same exact choice; for example, on Carver's path, I could tell him the truth about Heartbaked or attempt to lie; If I tell him the truth, I get the bad ending, however if I attempt to lie, I do not. Yet I STILL end up telling Carver the truth regardless of which choice I decide to make. ( A similar occurrence happened in Radley's path whilst asking Carver for advice.)

- Who was your favorite character?
Carver. His path was beautifully developed, with a lot of depth (Radley's unrequited love was a perfect play on emotions in this path). Not only that, but Carver had offered useful advice to the MC whilst she was crying, even though she had wronged him multiple times (just as he had wronged her.)

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?
Yes, I would love to :)
- Any other random comments!

Lovely job! Probably the best Nanoreno I've ever played. A pretty impressive feat, considering i've played over 50.

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- Did you enjoy it overall?

Oh, yes, I did. Bless the Pastry God for this game. I think the other comments have already said what they like about it and I do agree with them, so I feel I'm just repeating lol

- What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was the beginning part (Day 1, I think), where you are being first introduced to the characters before you choose any of the elf boys to chase after. I got hooked by the writing which was really fun and easy to get into. Besides, replacing the F word with Food was totally a plus for me. Ginger's remarks and exasperation made me laugh out loud. I really enjoyed the dialogue and interactions between the characters too. It even made Carver, who was to me, unlikable the first time for he came across as the usual 'stuck-up rival', actually tolerable and I find myself not minding him as much.

Another favorite part would be the teasing, playful scenes during Radley's route. I love choosing the sassy options, which I never expected, and how it led to hilarious results.

- What parts could be improved upon?

I spotted some grammar errors and typos during Benjamin's route. (e.g 'stratagy') As the story progresses (Like after Day 4?), I felt like the quality of the writing was decreasing as the errors pop out more often. Although the meaning behind the sentences are clear, I think the script in Ben's route needs editing on the grammar part. In Radley and Carver's route, I did notice small typos and grammar errors too, but they were not as frequent and consistent as in Ben's route. I also find the Ginger in Ben's route a little overwhelming with her sarcastic remarks and constant food cursing. Her snarky attitude was fine in the beginning, but when it is used more and more often it kind of loses its effect. Sometimes I felt that Ginger was a little too harsh on him with her frustrations. It made me wish that she could at least be nicer to Ben, not that he complains. I prefer Ginger in Radley and Carver's route, where her colorful food cursing is used more sparingly and the humorous effect retains. Ben is cute and nice too with the way he adds an 'ewe' to Ginger's name, but I guess I find something lacking in his character? Maybe it's just that he wasn't atypical from other character types like him. Put together beside Radley and Carver, I think he just shines less, haha.

- Who was your favorite character?

Funny, based on my first impressions of the characters, I decided to go for Beeenjamin first, who is eccentric in a funny way. But after finishing all three routes, I realized I enjoyed Radley and Carver's route more. After Ben, I tried for Radley and came to adore him, this energetic, hygienic, puppy-like crybaby, more than him, haha. Maybe I'm just a sucker for crybaby boys. Then I got curious about Carver and went for him last. I like how he really is more than your typical snobby rival after all. It was really cute between him and Ginger, and how they changed their relationship and grew to become lovers. So I would pick Radley and Carver as my top characters.

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Yes, especially if they include delectable treats and fun characters

- Any other random comments?

What is it that Radley was gone for so long near the end of his route for? Maybe I've missed something, and I'm curious...

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